To Stand Among Gods and Kings – Jewelery has a History

To Stand Among Gods and Kings – Jewelery has a History

Since time immemorial, jewelery has been a symbol of status, wealth, and power.  Kings, lords, even gods were enamored with it.  Gold, Silver, Topaz, Feldspar, every gem, every precious metal was held in high regard, either as gifts from the gods, or pieces of their power made whole.  For one example, the Inuit believe that one day, the northern lights, conduit of the spirits, fell from the sky into some rocks off of Labrador Island.  In that moment, they infused the rocks with their beautiful colors.  Legends like that speckle history, every culture, every people.

jeweleryIn Norse Mythology, it’s said that the Norse goddess Freya had a necklace called a Brisingamen that was known to be the most beautiful necklace in the world.  Set with rubies and amber in a bed of gold, it was enough to make the goddess do anything to acquire it.

In Egyptian mythology, Pharaohs wore jewelery made in the image of scarabs and ankhs.  In mythology, they believed that the god of the sun, Ra, would turn into a scarab as he traveled across the sky.  To them, the scarab, and the jewelery made in its image was meant to symbolize rebirth, while the ankh was a symbol of life eternal.  To them, jewelery wasn’t just a pretty ornament.  It was life itself.

Even the Greeks placed special importance on jewelery.  Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the Greek pantheon was famed for the jewelery he made, as well as the ornate gold and silver armor he forged.  Hades, king of the underworld, lived in a realm filled with jewels and precious metals.  Every god, every goddess wore some piece of jewelery, beautiful beyond belief, and were one to get a present of jewelery from them, it was a gift to be treasured…a gift that mortals can give just as well as gods.

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