The Perfect Watch for Every Woman

The Perfect Watch for Every Woman

Citizen watches are known to be some of the most reliable, most eco-friendly, and by far the most attractive watches in the world.  They have been seen on the wrists of famous men across the globe.  Executives and celebrities alike have been seen in sleek watches made by Citizen since they were first made.  Even Eli Manning, quarterback of the New York Giants confidently wears a citizen watch.

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Now, just because famous men are wearing Citizen watches, does not mean that they are exclusively for men.  In fact, Women’s Citizen watches are just as popular, if not more so than the male versions.  Some are studded with gems, others as sleek as any male watch, but no matter how you look at it, women’s Citizen watches are just as good as any man’s watch.  Now, while there are quite a few male celebrities who do wear Citizen watches, Eli Manning and Matt Kenseth included, there are just as many female celebrities wearing women’s Citizen watches.  To give one example, Kelly Clarkson, a singer famed across the world, wears a ‘Bella’ watch from Citizen.  It’s a women’s Citizen watch that raises the standard for beauty.  With a beautiful blue face, surrounded by diamonds, it makes for quite the sight.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, is tennis star Victoria Azarenka.  Winner of 14 WTA titles, and only 23, she is an athletic woman in her prime.  She has a much different taste in women’s Citizen watches, opting, instead, for the Nighthawk, a black steel watch that not only fits the personality of an athletic woman, but keeps with the sleek, elegant design that is inherent in women’s Citizen watches.  Since these, and many more celebrities have chosen to wear women’s Citizen watches, the judges are out, they simply are the way to go for both reliability and style.

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