The past and present, the art of a Jeweler

The past and present, the art of a Jeweler

The art of the jeweler is a time honored art, that stretches from beyond the middle ages, where queens and kings wore brilliant gems, to now, where rings, bracelets, and necklaces of any origin are worn by not only the rich and famous, but most anyone.  Now, while some would consider this a bad thing, it makes the art of creating jewelry all the more special.  In centuries past, creating jewelry was an ordeal.  Now though, with modern technology, the creation of jewelry has become much easier, allowing jeweler’s to be more creative.  No longer are they limited by what they can do with their own hands, but rather, they are able to follow their own creative paths, becoming artists versed in metal.


Jewelers of the middle ages, though confined to simple, and sometimes inefficient techniques, were artists, as much as they could be, creating beautiful, sometimes extremely ornate pieces from gold and gemstones.  They weren’t just artists, they were artisans, learned in their skill, and known far and wide for it.  While now, a jeweler may be able to go to school to learn it, there were no schools like that in the middle ages.  Thus, a jeweler to be would have to learn directly from a ‘master’ as an apprentice.  Techniques used by the master were passed on to the student, and over time, as the student became more skilled, the newly made jeweler would develop his own unique style, putting his own mark on history.

Whether gems, precious metals, or more esoteric mediums, in the past, and today, a jeweler could create beautiful works of art.  One example is the watch.  Made with tiny cogs and gears, there is no doubt that the first person to put one together properly was a jeweler, a man skilled in working with small pieces of metal already.

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