The Jewels of Summer

The Jewels of Summer

Summer has arrived, and with it, the season for weddings.  Wedding planners, florists, and churches are all busy with the newly engaged seeking the perfect wedding.  However, the busiest of all aren’t any of them.  Rather the Jewellery stores are busy, melting metal, molding it and shaping it into beautiful works of art.  Necklaces, bracelets, and of course, the symbol of marriage, the wedding ring are all being made.  By and by, silver, gold, and all other sorts of precious metals grace the hands, necks and arms of women and men across the country.

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Whatever you’re looking for, whether Emeralds, or rubies, gold, silver, or platinum, you can find it, shaped into beautiful pendants and necklaces, awaiting your pleasure.  It has been a long and true tradition, especially in the summer months for jewellery stores to provide the very best in their stock, shifting from the soft whites, blues, and yellows of spring to the brilliant golds, greens, and reds of summer.  Jewellery stores all over the country are stocked with golden bands, crystals carved and shaped like suns and hearts, and of course, the standby of the season… The wedding ring.  Gold, silver, platinum, or a much stronger metal, the time honored tradition, passed down through the ages has reached it’s peak once again.  So, those who are newly engaged, dating, thinking of proposing, or even just getting ready to celebrate an anniversary, go to your local jewellery store… see what they have.  Among their stock, you’ll find all the wonders of an ancient temple in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and gold.  Perhaps the green of the open field suits you better, in which case, emeralds and jade await.  Jade, the surprisingly underrated gem of the east, famed for the beautiful chinese dragons it has been sculpted into.  Consider a ring made of it, or perhaps just set in silver or gold.

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