The final Ingredient for a Perfect Wedding

The final Ingredient for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing as summer approaches as newly engaged couples flock the streets.  Beautiful white dresses are being sewn, lilies and roses are being picked, and plans are being made in cities across the country to make weddings perfect.  Of course, while those are important, there is one element that is more important than all the others, and that, is the very symbol of marriage itself the wedding ring.

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Many couples choose to buy a wedding ring pre-made in a ‘tried and true’, but somewhat generic style.  There are those who escape that trap however, and they are those who come up with their own design.  Many Jewelers offer it as a service to their customers, often at about the same price that a normal ring would cost to make.  But while buying another ring may be good, when you design your own wedding ring, it becomes a gift infinitely more precious than any store bought ring.  With summer approaching, beautiful vistas that were closed through the winter are opening up.  Mountains that are covered in snow in the winter are opening up, revealing beautiful views, and excellent Hiking opportunities, while the plains are blossoming, revealing fields of wildflowers that were covered in snow before. A beautiful sapphire sky, emerald fields, with rubies, opals and topaz flowers.

If you design your own wedding ring, you can not only commemorate the moment of your marriage, but find a way to emulate the place.  A sapphire with a few small opals to make a waterfall, A flouret of bright colored gems, arrayed like a wildflower.  When you design your own wedding ring, all these are not only possible, but welcome.  So, while it may be a bit of work, it’s worth it to design your own wedding ring.

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