The Beauty of the Bridal ring

The Beauty of the Bridal ring

Throughout history, the bridal ring has been a beautiful symbol of love between two people. From 1477, when Mary of Burgundy Married Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the diamond ring has been a long held tradition in the ceremony of matrimony. Even today, celebrities and laymen alike give diamond rings to their loved ones as a symbol of their love for each other.

While Mary of Burgundy was the first to receive a diamond bridal ring, the ring is by far, not the most famous.  For example, Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most well known figures in the history of France, presented a diamond and sapphire ring to his wife to be, Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796.  The bridal ring, one of the most well known rings still in existence, is worth nearly a million dollars.

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Famous bridal rings aren’t confined to the far off past though.  In 1964, Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a 69 carat diamond ring.  It is believed to be the first million dollar ring, and is by far one of the most famous rings presented in the last century.  Another famous bridal ring was given to both Princess Diana and Princess Kate of England.  Set with an eighteen carat sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds, it was a brilliant ring for both princesses.  The ring carries an even greater significance however.  Prince William carried the ring for three weeks on a trip to Africa before finding the perfect moment to propose to his bride to be.  A beautiful love story if ever I’ve heard one.

Within the last ten years though, the ring that quite possibly caused the largest sensation in recent history is the bridal ring of Angelina Jolie.  Presented by Brad Pitt, the ring was set with a sixteen carat ring, estimated to be worth almost five hundred thousand dollars.  Now, if that isn’t a ring for the history books, I don’t know what is.

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