Surprising Facts of St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Style Jewelry

 Surprising Facts of St. Patrick’s Day Celtic Style Jewelry

The Celtic style of jewelry has withstood the test of time, originally dating back to long before the Roman Empire expanded outside of Italy.  The oldest piece that has been found dates back to 500 BC, complete with the Triskeles that characterize their art to this day.  However, while the Celts mostly worked with broaches and ornamental armor, today, you can find a wide variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets made with the same designs that exist throughout Celtic culture.

celtic jewelry for womenWith Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, the opportunity to enjoy the Celtic style of jewelry is at its peak.  Rings, earrings, and pendants set with beautiful, natural emeralds will be found in almost any store, where designs with intricate spirals, Celtic knots, and Triskeles will come to life.  Whether inlaid with gold, silver or platinum, or simply with a raised or engraved designs, Celtic jewelry makes a great gift for any occasion.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the beautiful green of an emerald makes the moment that you present the ring to your beloved all the more special.  While the ruby, diamond, and sapphire are common symbols of love, a brilliant emerald will stand out from the crowd, showing the world how much you care.

Throughout history, the emerald has been an important gem.  Buried with mummies in ancient Egypt, carried back by Cortez from his conquest in South America, the precious gem has been seen the world over.  In traditional belief, emeralds are thought to bring healing and increase love and contentment.  Whether in hard times or good, an emerald will show how much you care about your loved one, whether male or female.  Despite the stereotypes surrounding jewelry, there are styles that fit both men’s and women’s tastes.  Pendants on leather cords and rings fitted to their personality will make any occasion all the more special.

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