March Anniversary? Nothing says Love better than a Claddagh!

March Anniversary? Nothing says Love better than a Claddagh!

In any relationship, anniversaries are the days that hold the greatest significance.  Whether it’s the anniversary of when the relationship began, an important date, or, most important of all, the anniversary of your marriage, it’s a date that no other can compare to.  Show your loved one how important the time you’ve spent together has been with a beautiful anniversary ring.  Whether set with a beautiful gemstone for the woman you love, or a more subtle, precious band for the man in your life, an anniversary ring will show your loved one that no matter how long has passed, your love will endure.

anniversary ringsIn the time of the Pharaohs, the gift of a ring was a symbol of eternal love, the continuous band of metal symbolizing eternity unbroken, while the hole in the center of the ring was considered to be a gate to the future.  That paradigm still holds true today, as the gift of a ring is given not only when two people are married, but also as a renewal of that promise.

The Irish Claddagh ring is a perfect example.  Formed into the shape of two hands clasping a heart, it is the perfect symbol of renewed devotion.  Worn on the right hand, it complements the wedding ring, a physical symbol of your promise to one another.  Whether of Irish descent, or simply looking for the perfect ring for your beloved, a Claddagh ring is one of the best anniversary rings that you can find on the market today.

In the Taoist tradition, the world is made up of two kinds of energy.  Yin, the soft, receptive energy, and Yang, the heavy, active energy.  On that note, the right hand traditionally symbolizes the Yin to the left hand’s Yang.  Thus, the wedding band on the left hand symbolizes your acceptance of your partner’s love, while the anniversary ring, traditionally worn on the right hand, symbolizes the time, energy, and love that you put into your relationship.

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