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Custom Design Band Diamonds Ring | Elegant Jewelers

Custom Design Band Diamonds Ring

A diamond is a girl’s best friend. Julie has been deeply in love with diamonds. When she decided to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend, her grandmother gifted her a beautiful 1 carat diamond. This was a dream come true for Julie, for she had always wanted a diamond band to complement the look of her wedding ring. Immediately she headed to Elegant Jewelers store to meet Patty to have one custom designed band diamond ring.Diamonds Band

The reputable jewelry designer impressed Julie with her design ideas. Julie knew she had approached the right person for her custom designed jewelry piece. She already started envisioning two stunning rings in her hand – with the engagement ring decorating her ring finger and the diamond bands in yellow gold enhancing its look.

As soon as Patty handed over the custom design jewelry to Julie, the latter’s happiness knew no bounds. What she had in her hand was an amazing piece of jewelry that had been designed creatively, with the gold band studded with brilliant cut diamonds and set in a curved style.

Julie immediately wanted to seal her marriage vows with the stunning wedding bands that symbolized her unending love for her groom to-be.

Discover your wedding ring today at Elegant Jewelers.

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Adamas, the greek word for unbreakable, and the word which the most beautiful gem in the word has come.  Diamonds, those beautiful gems, famed the world over are this gem, and like the title, ‘Adamas’ the ancient greeks gave them, they are, not only unbreakable, but a symbol of the unbreakable union between two people. In this season of weddings, where the newly engaged flock from place to place, diamond wedding bands are appearing in almost every shop.  Gold, silver, large, small, the season of weddings is bringing them out, ready to grace the finger of a lucky lady or man who’s finding happiness with their significant other.

diamond wedding bands

Over the years, diamond wedding bands have been seen on the hands of almost all couples in this century, and with their long and tried history, it is unlikely that this will see a stop in the near future.  Diamond wedding bands have, after all, been worn from the middle ages, queens, ladies, and other members of high society were the first, but as time went forward, and civilization became more… well, civilized, the gap between the powerful and peasant becoming less… pronounced, they began showing up on the hands of those not born to nobility.

By the 18th century, diamond wedding bands were the norm, every wedding officiated by a beautiful diamond, and every couple seeking to find that perfect band.  Watson, the famed partner of Holmes gave one to his love, as did Bond to his own. The idea of the perfect ring, the perfect diamond, has been  ingrained in our culture.  As an effect, diamond wedding bands have, as the ancient greeks had termed them, become the symbol of unending love… and as Ian Fleming best put it… Diamonds, are forever.

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A Spring Wedding Band

A Spring Wedding Band

Spring has arrived!  The season of love, of new life, and most of all, of weddings has come, and with it, brides and grooms to be.  Of course, most of the traditional springtime symbols don’t have much significance to men.  Flowers, leaves… very few actually hold any kind of significance to men.  However, there are some mens wedding bands that do still have the beautiful symbolism of spring with the simplicity and strength common in men’s rings.  Take for example, some rings designed with the cherry, or sakura blossom in mind.  Simple bands of silver or gold engraved with a pattern not unlike the cherry blossom.  This, and many other designs like it, makes up an entire collection of mens wedding bands.

mens wedding bands

Traditionally, this would have been a faux paux, an unheard of in any kind of men’s jewelry.  However, since the turn of the century, conventions have changed.  What was once unheard of is becoming common.  What was once impossibility is now beginning to be accepted?  So while in the past, mens wedding bands couldn’t have any symbol but ones that were considered to be ‘manly’ on them, now, you have the freedom to choose what you like.  To use the example above, in japan, the cherry blossom has been a symbol of beauty both for men and women alike, so much so, that the Sakura blossom festival is celebrated around the world from the moment the flowers bloom until they have finished falling.  It’s been the subject of poems, and paintings since feudal times, and yet up until recently, it’s been an unheard of thing to see a man with any kind of outward symbol resembling it.  Now, it’s slowly becoming more and more acceptable to have a symbol, like the cherry blossom, on a ring, or other piece of attire.  As such, spring is in the air, and even the manliest of men can find mens wedding bands to match.

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The final Ingredient for a Perfect Wedding

The final Ingredient for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing as summer approaches as newly engaged couples flock the streets.  Beautiful white dresses are being sewn, lilies and roses are being picked, and plans are being made in cities across the country to make weddings perfect.  Of course, while those are important, there is one element that is more important than all the others, and that, is the very symbol of marriage itself the wedding ring.

design your own wedding

Many couples choose to buy a wedding ring pre-made in a ‘tried and true’, but somewhat generic style.  There are those who escape that trap however, and they are those who come up with their own design.  Many Jewelers offer it as a service to their customers, often at about the same price that a normal ring would cost to make.  But while buying another ring may be good, when you design your own wedding ring, it becomes a gift infinitely more precious than any store bought ring.  With summer approaching, beautiful vistas that were closed through the winter are opening up.  Mountains that are covered in snow in the winter are opening up, revealing beautiful views, and excellent Hiking opportunities, while the plains are blossoming, revealing fields of wildflowers that were covered in snow before. A beautiful sapphire sky, emerald fields, with rubies, opals and topaz flowers.

If you design your own wedding ring, you can not only commemorate the moment of your marriage, but find a way to emulate the place.  A sapphire with a few small opals to make a waterfall, A flouret of bright colored gems, arrayed like a wildflower.  When you design your own wedding ring, all these are not only possible, but welcome.  So, while it may be a bit of work, it’s worth it to design your own wedding ring.

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The Beauty of Bridal Rings

The Beauty of Bridal Rings

Bridal rings are a beautiful, tangible symbol of love between two people, whether smaller, simpler rings that are little more than wedding bands, to larger, gem studded rings that even a queen would be proud to wear.  From newly engaged, to those who are celebrating an anniversary in the double digits, bridal rings are one of the most important pieces of jewelry that they possess.  That’s why it’s important to find a jeweler that you can trust.

bridal rings

While other jewelers treat bridal rings like any other ring, we at Elegant Jewelers take the time to make them all the more special.  Simple bands, beautiful rings, and all manor of other jewelry are made especially for your special day.  Take our incredible selection of rings to start.  Any of our rings are suitable as bridal rings, as beautiful as any other jeweler’s stock, if not more so.  In addition, if none of our rings in stock are to your taste, we offer you the ability to create your own, custom ring, making a ring that you can be proud of, both for its beauty, and the love put into it.  In fact, no shape that you could imagine for your bridal rings would be too difficult for us to create here at Elegant Jewelers.

Since the very beginning, we’ve made taking care of our customers’ needs our goal, taking the work expected of a large scale store, while keeping the feeling of a small town store.  Just like how you can trust your family to take care of something precious to you, you can trust us to keep the same care, whether making your bridal rings, or repairing another piece of jewelry.  So come to Elegant Jewelers for your bridal rings, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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A Perfect Ring

A Perfect Ring

With summer approaching, wedding bells are ringing.  Jewelers, and bridal planners are bustling with newly engaged couples eager to find that perfect ring for that perfect wedding.  Now, while an engagement ring can be a beautiful piece of jewelry, often times, it’s a better idea to get a full set.  Bridal set rings are the set of engagement rings, beautiful, but often unwieldy, combined with a pair of wedding bands, perfect for everyday use.  Here at Elegant Jewelers, we not only pride ourselves on the beauty of every ring, but in our ability to match any engagement ring with a set that will not only satisfy, but dazzle your partner.

bridal set rings

When picking out bridal set rings, it’s important to find a jeweler you can trust.  Most Jewelers don’t put the time and effort necessary to create a beautiful ring.  They focus on making a few ‘tried and true’ styles that end up being bland and common.  We at Elegant Jewelers are set on making the best product for your money, constantly refreshing our ‘stock’ with fresh ideas, as well as creations from customers just like you, ensuring that you’ll have a perfect ring to go with your perfect wedding.  When you get bridal ring sets, not only are you investing in a beautiful piece of jewelry that will be a living symbol of your commitment to each other, but one that you will be proud to show off, whether setting about the daily chores with a brilliant precious band, or showing off the beautiful engagement ring that was given to you by your loved one.

For over thirty years, we at Elegant Jewelers have served customers just like you, helping to find the perfect bridal set rings that are both affordable and well worth the time and money you would put into it.

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The Beauty of the Bridal ring

The Beauty of the Bridal ring

Throughout history, the bridal ring has been a beautiful symbol of love between two people. From 1477, when Mary of Burgundy Married Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the diamond ring has been a long held tradition in the ceremony of matrimony. Even today, celebrities and laymen alike give diamond rings to their loved ones as a symbol of their love for each other.

While Mary of Burgundy was the first to receive a diamond bridal ring, the ring is by far, not the most famous.  For example, Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most well known figures in the history of France, presented a diamond and sapphire ring to his wife to be, Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796.  The bridal ring, one of the most well known rings still in existence, is worth nearly a million dollars.

bridal ring

Famous bridal rings aren’t confined to the far off past though.  In 1964, Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a 69 carat diamond ring.  It is believed to be the first million dollar ring, and is by far one of the most famous rings presented in the last century.  Another famous bridal ring was given to both Princess Diana and Princess Kate of England.  Set with an eighteen carat sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds, it was a brilliant ring for both princesses.  The ring carries an even greater significance however.  Prince William carried the ring for three weeks on a trip to Africa before finding the perfect moment to propose to his bride to be.  A beautiful love story if ever I’ve heard one.

Within the last ten years though, the ring that quite possibly caused the largest sensation in recent history is the bridal ring of Angelina Jolie.  Presented by Brad Pitt, the ring was set with a sixteen carat ring, estimated to be worth almost five hundred thousand dollars.  Now, if that isn’t a ring for the history books, I don’t know what is.

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Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Customized jewelry has its own special touch. When you know that an item was created by you, for you, it gives the final product a much more personal feel. Many jewelry stores now offer the service of building your own ring. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Be sure of the design

Perhaps you want a copy made of your mother’s wedding ring. Or perhaps you want your engagement ring to match your favorite necklace. Whatever the reason is build your own ring, you must make sure you are fully satisfied with the design. You will be spending a lot of time and money and do not want the efforts to be wasted. Sketch it out, find models that look similar and be sure that the design is exactly what you want.

build your own ring

Choose your metals

Most fine rings are made from gold and the softness or quality of the gold can depend on the carat. 24 carat (24K) is pure gold and is quite soft. That is why it is usually alloyed with other metals to make it more usable and durable, creating mixtures of 18K, 14K and so forth. You have the option to choose white gold as well, a mixture made from gold and at least one white metal such as platinum. If you are looking for something less expensive, you can choose silver. A more expensive option than both gold and silver could be platinum.

Choose your stone

If you are looking for a diamond ring, there are different cuts, carat weight and clarity you can choose from. The one-carat princess cut diamond is large and most sought after. If you are looking for something unique, you can choose one or a combination of precious gems. Rubies and emeralds are of the many precious stones you can choose to have fitted when you build your own ring. You can pair them with a smaller sized diamond for a complete look.

Choose Your Setting

Most jewelry stores will show you samples of the different ways you can set your stones in your ring. Perhaps you are looking for a ring which raises the diamond, or perhaps you want something that encloses the diamond within the ring.

Finalize Once More

Once you have chosen everything, you must now finalize the design once more. This is an important investment and you want to make sure everything is just right! Some jewelry stores have computer programs, which will allow you to see a sample of what your chosen ring will look like.

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Bridal Ring Sets on a Budget

Bridal Ring Sets on a Budget

Weddings rings are the most expensive and memorable part of your wedding day. Finding the perfect rings for you and your future spouse to treasure for the rest of your lives is pressure enough. Trying to do this on a budget is even worse.

Any woman who has browsed stores for her wedding rings will know that buying the rings individually is what gets most couples in trouble. Bridal ring sets are the way to go. With most major shopping areas catering only to the fabulously rich, Galena Park is no exception. Thus, to find the best deals, you need to go online first.

Going online will save you time by browsing what the shops have in store, without the temptation of having to look at options that you cannot afford. Bridal ring sets now come in a variety of designs and price ranges to cater to both your budget and your taste.

bridal ring setsRings are offered in lovely 1/7 carat sets, which can each have a diamond to represent your eternal love. There are bands available in white gold with intricate work on them, making them look much more exclusive and expensive than their price tag says. Depending on the design you choose, these rings mostly come in 10K gold and should range between $300-450.

Then you have the 14K white gold rings, with a slightly larger 3/4 carat diamond on both the wedding band and the engagement ring. This is a pricier option, between $700-900, but once you see the rings, you will understand why. At the same time, remember that this will amount to much less than buying a la caret ring for the occasion.

The last and most expensive option out there will probably involve a 3/8 carat ring, which is half the price of any wedding ring bought from a store. Your price range will be $1000-1200. These are available in gorgeous cuts and patterns but have the same options as above except that they will be available in both white and yellow gold.

Once you have chosen your options online, you can go to a store to have a look at the real thing or you can have your package delivered to your door. Galena Park has a variety of stores that carry bridal ring sets so all you have to do is start looking.