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Citizen Watch Repair – On the Edge of Innovation

Citizen Watch Repair – On the Edge of Innovation

Every ending is the beginning of something better. That statement has been the pillar of innovation since the beginning of time. Some call it ‘stick technology’, or the theory that from a stick, eventually all things are made. This, of course, includes watches, and perhaps above all, Citizen watches.

Citizen Watch Repair

Since 1930, Citizen has been making and improving watches, creating the first shock and water resistant watches, and solar powered watches ever made. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Citizen Watch repair can be just as innovative as the creative process that spawned the watch in the first place.

Whether in Houston Texas or Milan Italy, the Citizen watch is a standard of beauty. Kelly Clarkson is one good example. While she could have any watch in the world, she chooses to wear a Citizen ‘Ceramic’ watch. Now, while the watch wasn’t inherently broken, the Ceramic’s superb timekeeping and beautiful finish not only add to the functionality and beauty of the watch, but are a prime example of Citizen Watch repair in action. By fixing what wasn’t broken in the first place, Citizen Watch created a watch that was more than the sum of its parts. What was once just a simple timepiece became a thing of beauty as easily worn in Houston as it is among the Elite of New York.

While innovation and repair aren’t synonymous, innovation is certainly a form of repair. Problems that aren’t seen at an invention’s inception, ways that a product could work better, and as technology marches ever forward, using the resources at hand to create a watch worthy of the present day. Thus, whether sending a watch that’s band broke in the Houston sun, or making a repair that will reshape the watch as a whole, Citizen Watch repair will, by its very nature, provide you with a better watch than the one you sent in.

When your #watch breaks down, it is important to not only have it fixed, but to make sure that your watch, no matter the parts, gets the care it deserves. That’s why we here at Elegant Jewelers have top notch#WatchRepair services. Whether new or an older model, our staff will put the same time and care into your watch that we put into any other piece of#Jewelry

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Seiko Watch Repair – Perfection Restored

Seiko Watch Repair – Perfection Restored

Seiko watches are known for their history of excellence. For one hundred and thirty years Seiko has applied the Japanese standard of excellence known since the days of the Samurai to the art of watchmaking.

Seiko watch repair

However, while Seiko has neared perfection in the art of watchmaking, their watches, as all material items are, are not immune to the elements or time wearing away at its parts. Metal slowly wears away, springs slowly deform, and batteries lose their charge. Even in the most perfect of watches, there are components that will eventually break, and when that happens, whether in Europe, Asia, or even as close as Katy Texas, you will need to take action.

Seiko watch repair is a vital, if unfortunate part of owning the Seiko watch, and when it is, it is important to find a place to repair it that you can trust. In Katy, there are very few Jewelers, and fewer still that can properly handle Seiko watch repair. However, just a short jaunt down US-90 leads to Sugar Land’s Elegant Jewelers, a family owned business with a sterling reputation. Whether re-fitting a band, or helping to repair a watch in entirety, they have the expertise to handle any repair.

While it is important to know where to get Seiko watch repair done, there are steps you can take to keep your watch running as well as it can be. Regularly oil the watch and be sure not to over-wind it. Keep the watch away from water, (unless it is specifically waterproof) and especially in the climate of Katy, keep dirt and grit out of the internal workings. Such debris could easily destroy the watch from within. Keeping that in mind, it is just as important to know where a reliable Seiko watch repair shop is as it is to properly maintain your watch.

The Watch Repair you Deserve

The Watch Repair you Deserve

Not all jewelry stores are created equal. Some have ‘warranties’ that are more trouble to apply for then they’re worth, while others will charge exorbitant fees for even the smallest repair. Thankfully, at Elegant Jewelers, neither is the case. We take the utmost care to make watch repair a convenient process that is just as easy for our customers as it is for us.

Watch Repair Sugar Land

No other company in Sugar Land can compete with our team of expert jewelers. In fact, we at Elegant Jewelers specialize in both watch repair as well as jewelry repair. With over 30 years of experience repairing rings, necklaces and watches, you can be assured that whether watch repair, or jewelry repair, your valuables are in good hands. On top of that, we are the only company in Sugar Land that guarantees that your jewelry will never leave the building, no matter what happens. Thus, throughout the entire process, you will know exactly where your valuables are and that they are safe in our capable hands.

A watch is a complicated thing after all. A multitude of small parts, delicate craftsmanship and beauty within the design make for an ornament that is both functional and stylish. When you’ve invested in a quality watch that may have cost several hundreds or thousands dollars you want to be sure that you are giving your watch the care it deserves. True there are many such places in Sugar Land, many advertising the same exact services. Perhaps they even offer their services at the same low price. While important to save money, it is even more important to make sure that your watch is in the hands of a master craftsman or craftswoman. If you settle for low quality watch repair simply because of the price, more often than not, you will be returning again and again for the same services. We at Elegant Jewelers don’t settle for low quality repairs, nor do we expect our customers to. Thus, for the best in Sugar Land’s watch repair, come to Elegant Jewelers today.

Elegant Jewelers, The Jewlers you can trust

Elegant Jewelers, The Jewlers you can trust

When your watch breaks down, it is important to not only have it fixed, but to make sure that your watch, no matter the parts, gets the care it deserves.  That’s why we here at Elegant Jewelers have top notch watch repair services.  Whether new or an older model, our staff will put the same time and care into your watch that we put into any other piece of Jewelry.

jeweler watch repair            When getting a watch repaired, it’s important to find the right place to repair it.  While other stores may offer the same service, you will want a jeweler to repair your watch.  Jewelers have the training to work with the small cogs and springs that go into each and every watch.  Here at Elegant Jewelers, our jewelers are just as skilled at watch repair as they are at the repair of any ring or Necklace, so you can be assured that your watch will return to you good as new, if not better than new.

I’ve seen countless watches over the 30 years that Elegant Jewelers has been in business, whether pocket watches, wrist watches, or even the occasional stop watch.  All have been treated with our legendary care, and each has been a joy to work with.  Every customer that has come to my door has gone away confident that their watch not only is in good hands, but that it will serve them for many years to come.  Old, new, or somewhere in between, All watches are our pleasure to repair.

Though other jewelers offer watch repair, few can give the same guarantee that we give at Elegant Jewelers.  When you give our jewelers your watch for repair, you can be assured that it will never leave our shop.  We cut out the middleman, keeping your property safe while we repair it with the love and care we’ve shown when our jewelers have repaired both jewelry and watches alike.

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Form, Function, and Sustainability: the Watch of the Future

Form, Function, and Sustainability: the Watch of the Future

Citizen Watches, formed in 1924, is one of the largest and most dependable manufacturers of watches in the world.  On that same note, Citizen Watches is one of the foremost repairers of watches.  With a history of innovation, dating back to 1976 when Citizen released its first Solar Powered watch, a history of excellence has followed.  With that in mind, you can rest assured that no matter the watch, Citizen will take the utmost care to restore it to peak performance.  On that note, as part of the Citizen guarantee, all watches come with a 5 year warranty, guaranteeing that Citizen Watches will repair any problem that comes up, great or small.

citizen watch repair

No matter what the problem, even the most complicated of Citizen’s EcoDrive watches can be fixed. The Citizen Watch repair team will be the first to admit that.  With years of expertise, their team, trained in Switzerland, will give your watch all the care that it needs to keep running for as long as you keep the watch.  On that note, Citizen Watch repair will have your watch fixed and ready for you in almost no time flat.  Parts are kept on hand, and usually the watch can be repaired the same day that it arrives.

You may be asking, why not just take the watch in to my local jewelry store, I’m sure that they’re skilled enough to repair the watch.  A good point, however, in the case of the Citizen Eco Drive, there are parts that no normal jeweler carries.  Take, for example, it’s power supply.  Miniature solar panels, hidden beneath the watch’s face, that are able to charge the watch, whether under artificial, or natural lighting, saving power, and giving you the assurance that your watch will last well beyond others have failed.  In the interest of that Citizen Watch repairs, are best left to those who know the watches best, Citizen Watches.

With a history of precision, and the creativity to innovate, whether purchasing one of Citizen’s Eco Drive watches, or sending it in for repairs done by it’s dedicated staff, you can be assured of the quality in each and every watch.

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Bulova Men’s Watches-A Short History of Time

Bulova Men’s Watches-A Short History of Time

Everyone wears a watch but very few people know how modern watches came into being. Before the mid-20th century, watches were not as accurate as they are today. The reason for this was that watch makers has not yet perfected the mechanical tuning fork, leaving people to have to manually tune their watches at the end of every day.

Abraham-Louis Breghet who filed the patent for his invention in 1866 initially invented tuning fork watches. His invention was ignored because it was too ahead of its time. The low frequency of the balance wheels used at the time could not support Abrahams invention, leaving it ignored and unused until the mid-20th century.

bulova mens watches in Jacinto City

It was not put to use until ArdeBulova decided to manufacture accurate watches for the army that could work on a battery with a higher-frequency, balancing-wheel based on Breguets initial design. Battery operated watches were introduced by Elgin and Lip in the early fifties; however, they just solved the problem of winding and not accuracy. Bulova was the first company that realized the brilliance behind Breguets invention and decided to build on it to invent the first accurate watch for men.

However, the story does not end here because watches still relied on a balance-wheel to run, which was an archaic system. Omar Bradley, the president of Bulova at the time, decided to break further barriers in innovation and the first ever-electronic watch was born. This is the basis for all Bulova men’s watches along with every other brand out there.

Now, watch making is a multi-billion-dollar industry all over the U.S. including New York, Houston, and Jacinto City amongst many others. You can even have your antique watches certified at various reputable locations in Jacinto City to check whether you have a watch that relies on a balance-wheel, increasing its value and giving you the knowledge that you carry a piece of history with you.

Fixing Time – watch repair 

Have you ever felt confused while glancing at your watch? Has the silent companion on your wrist deceived you? Wrist watches are designed to give you an accurate time throughout the day. Most of them have a mechanical system that also displays date, day and other measurements. Watches can be digital or analogue. Depending on their individual tastes, people have different preferences for both. Both types function using a small battery that allows smoothness in the functionality of the watch.

watch repair sugar landIn the modern age when every second counts, the precision of timing and the punctuality of people hold immense importance. Therefore, your watch should be something you can count on every second of the day. The best way to value time is to wear a watch. However, like all devices, a watch can fall into disrepair putting you behind your schedule or even leading you to delay or miss an important event or meeting.

To prevent such embarrassing scenarios from occurring, go for a watch repair from the best jeweler in Sugar Land. The types of faults in watches can range from something simple like an old battery to problems like water seepage in the system, broken glass, broken strap, missing jumper pins, broken minute or hour hand and anything else that compromises the functionality of your watch.

In the Houston metro suburb of Sugar Land, there is the one-stop solution to all your problems. Get your favorite watches repaired and they will operate as good as new. A watch, unlike many other objects, is not dispensable. By wearing it every day you develop a level of comfort with its weight, appearance and mechanism; instead of throwing it away entirely, opt for the very convenient watch repair. An economical watch repair will restore your watch to perfection. By overcoming all issues, it will function more efficiently and you can once again be precisely punctual.