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Custom Design Band Diamonds Ring | Elegant Jewelers

Custom Design Band Diamonds Ring

A diamond is a girl’s best friend. Julie has been deeply in love with diamonds. When she decided to tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend, her grandmother gifted her a beautiful 1 carat diamond. This was a dream come true for Julie, for she had always wanted a diamond band to complement the look of her wedding ring. Immediately she headed to Elegant Jewelers store to meet Patty to have one custom designed band diamond ring.Diamonds Band

The reputable jewelry designer impressed Julie with her design ideas. Julie knew she had approached the right person for her custom designed jewelry piece. She already started envisioning two stunning rings in her hand – with the engagement ring decorating her ring finger and the diamond bands in yellow gold enhancing its look.

As soon as Patty handed over the custom design jewelry to Julie, the latter’s happiness knew no bounds. What she had in her hand was an amazing piece of jewelry that had been designed creatively, with the gold band studded with brilliant cut diamonds and set in a curved style.

Julie immediately wanted to seal her marriage vows with the stunning wedding bands that symbolized her unending love for her groom to-be.

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Unique Engagement Ring Settings – That Special Touch

Unique Engagement Ring Settings – That Special Touch

A wedding is a wonderful time… a time of love, of joy, a celebration of two people coming together in a bond meant to last the ages.  This wonderful celebration is commemorated with one very important item… The engagement ring. Whether gold, silver, platinum, or copper, it is a symbol of the enduring devotion shown by men and women across the globe. unique engagement ring settingsSo, with summer fast approaching, and weddings around the globe being planned, helps yours to stand out by using one of many unique engagement ring settings.  While there are many beautiful settings commonly produced, most don’t come close to showing the extent of your feelings for your loved one.  For example, for the princess in your life, consider getting a setting made to look like a crown.  For the beauty with a green thumb, consider getting a bed of Ivy to hold the beautiful gemstone.  No matter what personality, no matter who you buy for, any ring will become a thing of art when you use any of the possible unique engagement ring settings.  Now though there are many different possibilities, in the end, you can only choose one of the many unique engagement ring settings available, and while you know your partner best, likely it’s best to consult a jeweler before making a final decision.

After all, with their beauty, all unique engagement ring settings have their price.  This could be anything from a few extra dollars to adding hundreds to the cost of the ring.  Still however, no matter what your budget, unique engagement ring settings will add that special touch to any and every ring, fitting your partner’s personality better than any other ring could.

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All the Ingredients to find the Wedding of Your Dreams

All the Ingredients to find the Wedding of Your Dreams

With summer fast approaching, newly engaged couples can be found everywhere.  From the abodes of Wedding planners, to Jewelers near and far, couples are looking for the ingredients to make their perfect wedding.  A beautiful dress and suit, the perfect location, and of course, picking out the perfect engagement ring are all important parts of any wedding.

engagement ring          Whether on a tight budget, or able to afford the best for your loved one, it is important to pick out a ring that you can be proud to give to that special person in your life.  While it is tempting to get a gaudy engagement ring, often times it will end up leaving some other part of your wedding lacking.  Therefore, consider how much you are willing to spend.  Often times, depending on your partner’s personality, a big, gaudy engagement ring won’t even be the best choice.  Instead, consider picking out a more suitable ring.  Perhaps a band set with a few precious gems, or engraved with a message of your love.

As those in real estate say, ‘location, location, location’. Such is true not only for a home, but also for any wedding. The difference between a good wedding, and one that will stick with you for the rest of your life could lie in the location.  Whether a quiet church or a beautiful outside vista, there is almost no limit to where you could hold your wedding.  No matter what you choose, whether country or city, you will know when you find the perfect spot.

While you know yourself and your partner best, often times, it’s best to consult with a professional.  Wedding planners can not only help pick out the right place, but also put the theme that you want to your wedding. Beautiful wildflowers to match the summer air, or white lilies for a church. While a theme certainly is important, a good wedding planner can also introduce you to vistas that you hadn’t considered, giving you the resources to have the wedding you deserve.

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The Perfect Ring for Every Occasion

The Perfect Ring for Every Occasion

Since the time of the ancient romans, the engagement ring has been a sign of commitment between a man and a woman.  Whether gold, silver, set with a gem, or just a simple band, it is a sign of your love, and willingness to be with your loved one for the rest of your life.  Make that moment even more special by taking the time to design your engagement ring with us here at Elegant Jewelers.

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For as long as I can remember, the symbol of marriage was the diamond ring.  Whether a single stone held above a wedding band, or several set directly into the metal, its been a symbol of love eternal.  We will help you every step of the way, whether you pick a ring from the hundreds of traditional styles that we have, ready to be mixed and matched as you please. If you want something that is even more special though, let us help you design your engagement ring.  You know your beloved better than anyone else, and whether male or female, no matter how difficult the design, we can make it.

Every holiday is a special time of year, whether a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Saint Patrick’s Day.  If you plan on proposing to your loved one on the coming Irish holiday, consider an ‘organic’ ring, last with vines.  Or, if you are looking for a more traditional look, a beautiful green diamond will make your ring sparkle all the brighter.  Or, accentuate the ring with the wonderful sparkle of emeralds.  Green is thought to be a color that fosters balance and harmony in the mind, as well as the color that represents growth and rebirth.  With the beautiful green of an emerald or green diamond, when you present an engagement ring you designed, your special someone will know that the love between you can only grow.

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Bridal Ring Sets on a Budget

Bridal Ring Sets on a Budget

Weddings rings are the most expensive and memorable part of your wedding day. Finding the perfect rings for you and your future spouse to treasure for the rest of your lives is pressure enough. Trying to do this on a budget is even worse.

Any woman who has browsed stores for her wedding rings will know that buying the rings individually is what gets most couples in trouble. Bridal ring sets are the way to go. With most major shopping areas catering only to the fabulously rich, Galena Park is no exception. Thus, to find the best deals, you need to go online first.

Going online will save you time by browsing what the shops have in store, without the temptation of having to look at options that you cannot afford. Bridal ring sets now come in a variety of designs and price ranges to cater to both your budget and your taste.

bridal ring setsRings are offered in lovely 1/7 carat sets, which can each have a diamond to represent your eternal love. There are bands available in white gold with intricate work on them, making them look much more exclusive and expensive than their price tag says. Depending on the design you choose, these rings mostly come in 10K gold and should range between $300-450.

Then you have the 14K white gold rings, with a slightly larger 3/4 carat diamond on both the wedding band and the engagement ring. This is a pricier option, between $700-900, but once you see the rings, you will understand why. At the same time, remember that this will amount to much less than buying a la caret ring for the occasion.

The last and most expensive option out there will probably involve a 3/8 carat ring, which is half the price of any wedding ring bought from a store. Your price range will be $1000-1200. These are available in gorgeous cuts and patterns but have the same options as above except that they will be available in both white and yellow gold.

Once you have chosen your options online, you can go to a store to have a look at the real thing or you can have your package delivered to your door. Galena Park has a variety of stores that carry bridal ring sets so all you have to do is start looking.

How to Search for Your Beloved’s Engagement Ring Less Tedious?

How to Search for Your Beloved’s Engagement Ring Less Tedious?

Once you have found the woman of your dreams, choosing the best engagement ring for her can be both a daunting and a pleasurable endeavor. However, you can make your search for your beloved’s engagement ring less tedious by doing some preliminary research regarding their preferences. A good idea would be to ask your potential future partner, albeit subtly, about whether she would prefer a platinum or gold ring.

engagement ringIf you happen to be one of those who are providentially blessed in terms of finances and inhabit the West University Place, chances are your girlfriend is expecting something more unique and intimate than the traditional engagement ring. Hence, if you belong to the affluent population residing in West University Place, it would be useful to keep in mind if your girlfriend is favorably inclined toward diamonds or some rare gems such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Moreover, the more you know about your partner’s taste, the easier it will be for you to narrow down the target stores and confine your search only to those specific jewellery stores that offer rings similar to the ones cherished by your girlfriend.

For many of you, the real challenge starts once you’re in a jewellery store. The sparkling, glittering surfaces of the immaculately designed rings can serve as instant attractions, thereby making your engagement ring excursion more painstaking and exhausting. The best way to deal with such a dilemma would be to confine your vision and hence, your interest, only to that particular selection of rings that would undeniably elicit a shriek from your partner. For instance, if your girlfriend prefers platinum rings studded with a small or medium-sized diamond, it would be an utter waste of time to minutely inspect a wide array of gold rings.

Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Human bonds are the most unique and precious part of life. Everyone seeks a companion to share their lives with; the joys, sorrows, ups and downs. Humans evolve in various stages and their search for their true soul mate is an ever present phenomenon. This desire to spend your life with someone holds utmost value for many people. It is a decision of a life time, a connection that is meant to last. Such a precious bond assumes immense importance for people and they want to consolidate their relationship and express their love for each other through small tokens of affections.

wedding bands custom designSuch small objects like the first rose, a love letter or even an engagement ring become an emblem of affection and regard. An engagement ring characterizes a new beginning of a relationship; an initiation of a sacred bond that cements a relationship in the eyes of the world. You can distinguish your relationship and design your own engagement ring or purchase one from the standard designs in a catalogue. It is an acknowledgment of and a tribute to the love two people share. Such a piece of jewelry links them and brings them closer.

The selection of a unique engagement ring personalizes the concept and allows people to add a touch of their lives and personalities to the ring. In Missouri City, this firm allows you to design your own engagement ring. You can select the style of the ring to represent your relationship. Moreover, all engagement rings are customized to fit the exact description provided by you. Whether you’re in Missouri City, Stafford, Sugar Land or anywhere in metro Houston, this is a nonpareil service that allows you to select the metal, the gemstone, the size and shape of the gemstones and even the overall pattern of your ring. You can customize it further by having the initials of your betrothed engraved inside the ring. The service is optimized to make your engagement ring memorable and outstanding. Do not conform to clichéd rings, design your own engagement ring.

Engagement Ring – A Symbol of Love

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. This is because love necessitates people to express themselves, in various forms or ways, through tender words, gentle gestures or small tokens. Oftentimes such small things hold immense importance because they make memories and define your individuality as a person and identity as a couple. Every kind gesture can bring people closer and can become and expression of what they mean to each other.

Engagement rings are also a token of affection; they elucidate the beginning of a new journey for two people and are a symbol of their love. Many other gifts and trinkets may be forgotten but an engagement ring has a universal, perpetual significance that lasts as long as the bond is mutual.

engagement ringLet your love bloom by selecting an engagement ring that pays homage to the bond you share with your partner. The selection of an engagement ring is a step towards the long line of decisions you will take as a couple. The degree of choice and the finesse of craftsmanship in engagement rings available are unparalleled. Engagement rings can be selected from a set of ready-made designs or they can be custom-made to fit the needs of the couple. The choice of the gemstone, the design, the size, type of metal used and other embellishments can also be decided upon. The wide array of engagement rings available gives you freedom to choose what best represents you. Many engagement rings are available as similar looking pairs so that both the partners have the same design.

All types and kinds of engagement rings are easily made, from the simplest to the most lavishly ornate designs. Furthermore, the prices are economical so that there is ease of selection. Give your relationship a surprising turn and sweep your partner of their feet with an engagement ring!