Getting to Know Your Jewelry Better: Diamond Appraisals in Pasadena

Getting to Know Your Jewelry Better: Diamond Appraisals in Pasadena

Is it worth anything? This is a phrase often heard by jewelry appraisers; however, the answer is never as simple as all that. Appraisals, particularly diamond appraisals, can help you determine what your jewelry is worth in a number of different contexts.

Various factors contribute to how much money you might get for your piece. The first thing to look at is why you need your diamond appraised. If you have recently received an inheritance and you plan on selling or splitting the value with your siblings, then the value will be very different from if you are planning to sell it on Amazon. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that the value of your jewelry depends on what you plan to do with it.

diamond appraisalJewelry, especially diamonds, is the type of asset that increases in value with time. If you take it in for appraisal and plan on selling it within a week, then the value will be a lot lower than if you give your appraiser a six-month period. The market value of an item that needs to be sold in a hurry is known as ‘forced liquidation’ and the time frame limits your options. With a longer period, the appraiser can scour the market, promoting your piece and then finally selling it to the highest bidder.

Since jewelry is an expensive investment, no one wants to pay that amount of money without some proper proof of the piece’s value. Getting your diamond approved by a reputable laboratory will increase its market value tremendously. It will also give future buyers peace of mind knowing that their money is not going to waste. Therefore, get your diamonds certified by any of the closest Pasadena institutions that deal with this. There should be an extensive list online.

Another factor, which will increase your chances of a better deal, is provenance: does your piece have any history attached to it? If yes, then do you have any documentation to prove it? People love to buy jewelry that was previously owned by someone famous because it gives it certain uniqueness.