Form, Function, and Sustainability: the Watch of the Future

Form, Function, and Sustainability: the Watch of the Future

Citizen Watches, formed in 1924, is one of the largest and most dependable manufacturers of watches in the world.  On that same note, Citizen Watches is one of the foremost repairers of watches.  With a history of innovation, dating back to 1976 when Citizen released its first Solar Powered watch, a history of excellence has followed.  With that in mind, you can rest assured that no matter the watch, Citizen will take the utmost care to restore it to peak performance.  On that note, as part of the Citizen guarantee, all watches come with a 5 year warranty, guaranteeing that Citizen Watches will repair any problem that comes up, great or small.

citizen watch repair

No matter what the problem, even the most complicated of Citizen’s EcoDrive watches can be fixed. The Citizen Watch repair team will be the first to admit that.  With years of expertise, their team, trained in Switzerland, will give your watch all the care that it needs to keep running for as long as you keep the watch.  On that note, Citizen Watch repair will have your watch fixed and ready for you in almost no time flat.  Parts are kept on hand, and usually the watch can be repaired the same day that it arrives.

You may be asking, why not just take the watch in to my local jewelry store, I’m sure that they’re skilled enough to repair the watch.  A good point, however, in the case of the Citizen Eco Drive, there are parts that no normal jeweler carries.  Take, for example, it’s power supply.  Miniature solar panels, hidden beneath the watch’s face, that are able to charge the watch, whether under artificial, or natural lighting, saving power, and giving you the assurance that your watch will last well beyond others have failed.  In the interest of that Citizen Watch repairs, are best left to those who know the watches best, Citizen Watches.

With a history of precision, and the creativity to innovate, whether purchasing one of Citizen’s Eco Drive watches, or sending it in for repairs done by it’s dedicated staff, you can be assured of the quality in each and every watch.

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