Elegant Jewelers, The Jewlers you can trust

Elegant Jewelers, The Jewlers you can trust

When your watch breaks down, it is important to not only have it fixed, but to make sure that your watch, no matter the parts, gets the care it deserves.  That’s why we here at Elegant Jewelers have top notch watch repair services.  Whether new or an older model, our staff will put the same time and care into your watch that we put into any other piece of Jewelry.

jeweler watch repair            When getting a watch repaired, it’s important to find the right place to repair it.  While other stores may offer the same service, you will want a jeweler to repair your watch.  Jewelers have the training to work with the small cogs and springs that go into each and every watch.  Here at Elegant Jewelers, our jewelers are just as skilled at watch repair as they are at the repair of any ring or Necklace, so you can be assured that your watch will return to you good as new, if not better than new.

I’ve seen countless watches over the 30 years that Elegant Jewelers has been in business, whether pocket watches, wrist watches, or even the occasional stop watch.  All have been treated with our legendary care, and each has been a joy to work with.  Every customer that has come to my door has gone away confident that their watch not only is in good hands, but that it will serve them for many years to come.  Old, new, or somewhere in between, All watches are our pleasure to repair.

Though other jewelers offer watch repair, few can give the same guarantee that we give at Elegant Jewelers.  When you give our jewelers your watch for repair, you can be assured that it will never leave our shop.  We cut out the middleman, keeping your property safe while we repair it with the love and care we’ve shown when our jewelers have repaired both jewelry and watches alike.

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