Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Adamas, the greek word for unbreakable, and the word which the most beautiful gem in the word has come.  Diamonds, those beautiful gems, famed the world over are this gem, and like the title, ‘Adamas’ the ancient greeks gave them, they are, not only unbreakable, but a symbol of the unbreakable union between two people. In this season of weddings, where the newly engaged flock from place to place, diamond wedding bands are appearing in almost every shop.  Gold, silver, large, small, the season of weddings is bringing them out, ready to grace the finger of a lucky lady or man who’s finding happiness with their significant other.

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Over the years, diamond wedding bands have been seen on the hands of almost all couples in this century, and with their long and tried history, it is unlikely that this will see a stop in the near future.  Diamond wedding bands have, after all, been worn from the middle ages, queens, ladies, and other members of high society were the first, but as time went forward, and civilization became more… well, civilized, the gap between the powerful and peasant becoming less… pronounced, they began showing up on the hands of those not born to nobility.

By the 18th century, diamond wedding bands were the norm, every wedding officiated by a beautiful diamond, and every couple seeking to find that perfect band.  Watson, the famed partner of Holmes gave one to his love, as did Bond to his own. The idea of the perfect ring, the perfect diamond, has been  ingrained in our culture.  As an effect, diamond wedding bands have, as the ancient greeks had termed them, become the symbol of unending love… and as Ian Fleming best put it… Diamonds, are forever.

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