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The final Ingredient for a Perfect Wedding

The final Ingredient for a Perfect Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing as summer approaches as newly engaged couples flock the streets.  Beautiful white dresses are being sewn, lilies and roses are being picked, and plans are being made in cities across the country to make weddings perfect.  Of course, while those are important, there is one element that is more important than all the others, and that, is the very symbol of marriage itself the wedding ring.

design your own wedding

Many couples choose to buy a wedding ring pre-made in a ‘tried and true’, but somewhat generic style.  There are those who escape that trap however, and they are those who come up with their own design.  Many Jewelers offer it as a service to their customers, often at about the same price that a normal ring would cost to make.  But while buying another ring may be good, when you design your own wedding ring, it becomes a gift infinitely more precious than any store bought ring.  With summer approaching, beautiful vistas that were closed through the winter are opening up.  Mountains that are covered in snow in the winter are opening up, revealing beautiful views, and excellent Hiking opportunities, while the plains are blossoming, revealing fields of wildflowers that were covered in snow before. A beautiful sapphire sky, emerald fields, with rubies, opals and topaz flowers.

If you design your own wedding ring, you can not only commemorate the moment of your marriage, but find a way to emulate the place.  A sapphire with a few small opals to make a waterfall, A flouret of bright colored gems, arrayed like a wildflower.  When you design your own wedding ring, all these are not only possible, but welcome.  So, while it may be a bit of work, it’s worth it to design your own wedding ring.

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The Beauty of the Bridal ring

The Beauty of the Bridal ring

Throughout history, the bridal ring has been a beautiful symbol of love between two people. From 1477, when Mary of Burgundy Married Archduke Maximilian of Austria, the diamond ring has been a long held tradition in the ceremony of matrimony. Even today, celebrities and laymen alike give diamond rings to their loved ones as a symbol of their love for each other.

While Mary of Burgundy was the first to receive a diamond bridal ring, the ring is by far, not the most famous.  For example, Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most well known figures in the history of France, presented a diamond and sapphire ring to his wife to be, Josephine de Beauharnais in 1796.  The bridal ring, one of the most well known rings still in existence, is worth nearly a million dollars.

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Famous bridal rings aren’t confined to the far off past though.  In 1964, Richard Burton proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a 69 carat diamond ring.  It is believed to be the first million dollar ring, and is by far one of the most famous rings presented in the last century.  Another famous bridal ring was given to both Princess Diana and Princess Kate of England.  Set with an eighteen carat sapphire surrounded by fourteen diamonds, it was a brilliant ring for both princesses.  The ring carries an even greater significance however.  Prince William carried the ring for three weeks on a trip to Africa before finding the perfect moment to propose to his bride to be.  A beautiful love story if ever I’ve heard one.

Within the last ten years though, the ring that quite possibly caused the largest sensation in recent history is the bridal ring of Angelina Jolie.  Presented by Brad Pitt, the ring was set with a sixteen carat ring, estimated to be worth almost five hundred thousand dollars.  Now, if that isn’t a ring for the history books, I don’t know what is.

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Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Customized jewelry has its own special touch. When you know that an item was created by you, for you, it gives the final product a much more personal feel. Many jewelry stores now offer the service of building your own ring. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Be sure of the design

Perhaps you want a copy made of your mother’s wedding ring. Or perhaps you want your engagement ring to match your favorite necklace. Whatever the reason is build your own ring, you must make sure you are fully satisfied with the design. You will be spending a lot of time and money and do not want the efforts to be wasted. Sketch it out, find models that look similar and be sure that the design is exactly what you want.

build your own ring

Choose your metals

Most fine rings are made from gold and the softness or quality of the gold can depend on the carat. 24 carat (24K) is pure gold and is quite soft. That is why it is usually alloyed with other metals to make it more usable and durable, creating mixtures of 18K, 14K and so forth. You have the option to choose white gold as well, a mixture made from gold and at least one white metal such as platinum. If you are looking for something less expensive, you can choose silver. A more expensive option than both gold and silver could be platinum.

Choose your stone

If you are looking for a diamond ring, there are different cuts, carat weight and clarity you can choose from. The one-carat princess cut diamond is large and most sought after. If you are looking for something unique, you can choose one or a combination of precious gems. Rubies and emeralds are of the many precious stones you can choose to have fitted when you build your own ring. You can pair them with a smaller sized diamond for a complete look.

Choose Your Setting

Most jewelry stores will show you samples of the different ways you can set your stones in your ring. Perhaps you are looking for a ring which raises the diamond, or perhaps you want something that encloses the diamond within the ring.

Finalize Once More

Once you have chosen everything, you must now finalize the design once more. This is an important investment and you want to make sure everything is just right! Some jewelry stores have computer programs, which will allow you to see a sample of what your chosen ring will look like.

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A Quick Overview of Jewellery Stores

A Quick Overview of Jewellery Stores

The use of jewellery dates back to almost 75,000 years ago when African tribes used seashells to create decorative necklaces. Jewellery has gained more and more popularity through the ages, with different styles catering to different groups. For some cultures, jewellery is seen as a symbol of wealth. In others, a symbol of aristocracy. In most cultures, jewellery is seen as an adornment, an accessory used to beautify the user.

In ancient times, not everyone was able to own precious items such as diamonds and gold. If you were interested in purchasing something, it was usually done through trade. Nowadays, if you were interested in purchasing an item of fine jewellery, you would only need to visit one of your local jewellery stores.

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Why Visit a Jewellery Boutique?

People may visit a jewellery store for a variety of reasons. To purchase a gift, to have an item repaired or to simply window-shop. Most often, however, people visit a fine jewellery store to find the perfect wedding ring or anniversary gift.

As fine jewellery can be quite expensive, jewellery boutiques are not frequented often unless you are in pursuit of something. The associates at the store are well trained and experienced. They are educated about the different types of jewellery the store sells. You can gain a lot of insight by discussing what you are looking for with the associate.

Once you have located what you require, you can usually purchase the item with a payment plan. If you have just bought your fiancé’s wedding ring, chances are you either has saved up for the purchase or have the intention to pay it off in instalments. Most jewellery stores offer no-interest payment plans for a few months, giving you the chance to purchase your item worry free.

Jewellery boutiques are very helpful for those who are looking for a great gift or beautiful piece of jewellery for themselves. They house all sorts of items, from expensive, fine jewellery to elegant gifts at affordable prices. If you are in search of quality jewellery, then visiting your local jewellery store will surely give you what you are looking for.

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Bridal Ring Sets on a Budget

Bridal Ring Sets on a Budget

Weddings rings are the most expensive and memorable part of your wedding day. Finding the perfect rings for you and your future spouse to treasure for the rest of your lives is pressure enough. Trying to do this on a budget is even worse.

Any woman who has browsed stores for her wedding rings will know that buying the rings individually is what gets most couples in trouble. Bridal ring sets are the way to go. With most major shopping areas catering only to the fabulously rich, Galena Park is no exception. Thus, to find the best deals, you need to go online first.

Going online will save you time by browsing what the shops have in store, without the temptation of having to look at options that you cannot afford. Bridal ring sets now come in a variety of designs and price ranges to cater to both your budget and your taste.

bridal ring setsRings are offered in lovely 1/7 carat sets, which can each have a diamond to represent your eternal love. There are bands available in white gold with intricate work on them, making them look much more exclusive and expensive than their price tag says. Depending on the design you choose, these rings mostly come in 10K gold and should range between $300-450.

Then you have the 14K white gold rings, with a slightly larger 3/4 carat diamond on both the wedding band and the engagement ring. This is a pricier option, between $700-900, but once you see the rings, you will understand why. At the same time, remember that this will amount to much less than buying a la caret ring for the occasion.

The last and most expensive option out there will probably involve a 3/8 carat ring, which is half the price of any wedding ring bought from a store. Your price range will be $1000-1200. These are available in gorgeous cuts and patterns but have the same options as above except that they will be available in both white and yellow gold.

Once you have chosen your options online, you can go to a store to have a look at the real thing or you can have your package delivered to your door. Galena Park has a variety of stores that carry bridal ring sets so all you have to do is start looking.

A Guide to Picking the Right Ring Design in South Houston

A Guide to Picking the Right Ring Design in South Houston

If you are thinking of proposing to your significant other, then you are most likely a little jittery right now. Choosing the right ring design comes with a lot of pressure because it reflects how well you know the person you love. There is no need to despair; here is a guide on what to look for when going ring shopping.

No matter what store in South Houston you walk into, whether pretentious or not, there are some essential terms you need to know. The first one is ‘band’. This does not refer to anything musical, but rather the circular part of the ring that goes around your finger. These are usually available in gold, white gold or platinum amongst others. Your preference depends on your taste and your budget.

ring design South HoustonAnother term is ‘setting’, which refers to the piece that will hold your diamond in place on your band. You can choose between an invisible and a visible setting. Usually a platinum or silver setting is better because it makes your diamond look more clear and beautiful.

Then we have the ‘four Cs’ (carat, clarity, color and cut) of the gemstone you are about to choose.  Carat will determine the size of your stone, clarity will determine its look and price, and cut will refer to the way it has been shaped. There is a fifth C which is cost and that determines the other four Cs as well. Your jeweler will be able to guide you in this respect.

Once you have the terminology down, it’s time to do some old fashioned recon work to find a good and reputed jeweler whom you can trust. You can do this online or by asking around.

Then, we move on to finding out what your partner likes. Look at the rings your partner likes to wear to understand what kind of ring design would suit best. Do they prefer chunky or delicate? Vintage or modern? If you are still having trouble, then bring in some back up. Ask a friend or a sibling who knows them well and take them along when you go ring shopping.

Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Human bonds are the most unique and precious part of life. Everyone seeks a companion to share their lives with; the joys, sorrows, ups and downs. Humans evolve in various stages and their search for their true soul mate is an ever present phenomenon. This desire to spend your life with someone holds utmost value for many people. It is a decision of a life time, a connection that is meant to last. Such a precious bond assumes immense importance for people and they want to consolidate their relationship and express their love for each other through small tokens of affections.

wedding bands custom designSuch small objects like the first rose, a love letter or even an engagement ring become an emblem of affection and regard. An engagement ring characterizes a new beginning of a relationship; an initiation of a sacred bond that cements a relationship in the eyes of the world. You can distinguish your relationship and design your own engagement ring or purchase one from the standard designs in a catalogue. It is an acknowledgment of and a tribute to the love two people share. Such a piece of jewelry links them and brings them closer.

The selection of a unique engagement ring personalizes the concept and allows people to add a touch of their lives and personalities to the ring. In Missouri City, this firm allows you to design your own engagement ring. You can select the style of the ring to represent your relationship. Moreover, all engagement rings are customized to fit the exact description provided by you. Whether you’re in Missouri City, Stafford, Sugar Land or anywhere in metro Houston, this is a nonpareil service that allows you to select the metal, the gemstone, the size and shape of the gemstones and even the overall pattern of your ring. You can customize it further by having the initials of your betrothed engraved inside the ring. The service is optimized to make your engagement ring memorable and outstanding. Do not conform to clichéd rings, design your own engagement ring.