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Diamonds, the Everlasting Beauty

Diamonds, the Everlasting Beauty

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, diamonds have been admired for their beautiful sparkle and longevity.  From Siam to Spain, they have been worn by the aristocracy on beautiful, ornate pendants, rings, and especially on beautiful diamond earrings.  More than just a gift, these precious stones will be an enduring sign of your love.

The word diamond originates from the ancient Greek word ‘adamas’, which means unbreakable.  Since then, diamonds have become a symbol of unbreakable love.You can show your unending love for your partner by giving them a pair of diamond earrings.  Whether a small pair of diamond studs or the more spectacular hoop or pendant earrings, you can be sure that they will dazzle your loved one, making their beauty stand out all the more.

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Diamonds can be found for any occasion, and Saint Patrick’s Day is no exception.  While an emerald pendant makes for a lovely gift, it simply can’t stand up to the dazzling sparkle of a beautiful green diamond.  Whether in a pendant, ring, bracelet, or a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, a green diamond will set your loved one apart, showing all the world your enduring love.  Like the beautiful Dresden Green Diamond, it will remain an unending symbol of your love through age eternal.

Green diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in existence.  Less than 1 percent of all diamonds that are found are among this category, and of those, even less that are found bear this distinctive green color.  When you present your loved one with a ring, or a beautiful pair of diamond earrings bearing this beautiful stone, not only will you be giving them a symbol of your devotion, but you will be showing them how much they mean to you and that they are your metaphorical diamond in the rough.

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