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3 Princess Cut Diamond Ring | Elegant Jewelers

3 Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Custom Design Diamond Ring

After dating each other for 3 years, Vanessa and Greg decided to become lifetime partners. They explored a number of Houston area jewelry stores only to find no engagement ring design that they felt captured their love. Being a designer himself, Greg knew about Vanessa’s taste, so he shunned the idea to buy the ready made designs for his sweetheart and came up with a design that would woo his bride to be on their special day.

After consulting with Patty of Elegant Jewelers, they worked on the design to make it better and the final design looked glamorous. The sparkling diamond ring that Patty designed – with three dazzling princess cut diamonds beautifully hand-set in the classic platinum frame – was an instant hit with everyone. The princess cut center stone, gracefully packed on both sides with two rows of diamond stones, formed a dramatic engagement ring.

Now Greg was sure that his custom jewelry design would be a hit with his beloved. This was exactly what transpired; the graceful expressions on Vanessa’s face when she first saw the stunning diamond ring said it all. She fell in love with the design at first sight.

The customized 3 princess cut diamond ring made a stunning wedding gift that was a true reflection of Greg’s love for Vanessa!

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All About 3 Diamond Ring | Elegant Jewelers

3 Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

James and Mary had been dating for over seven years when he popped the question. Of course she was the love of his life and he wanted to gift her best wedding ring exuding the same qualities as Mary. So he decided that a custom designed ring would truly capture her beauty and radiance. The first name that popped in his mind was Patty at Elegant Jewelers, well known for their custom jewelry designs.

Patty’s innovative ideas and artistic creativity resulted in a graceful yet glamorous 3-diamond ring design that left James impressed at first sight! The first look at the elegantly designed wedding ring, crafted in platinum, gave James the feeling that this was a classic piece. He could hardly wait for the wedding day to present the love of his life with this glittering gift of love, which truly resembled Mary’s elegance, beauty, and commitment.

While platinum symbolized strength and durability, the three diamonds bonded together into a beautiful design that reflected an eternal bond. The stunning diamond ring, with three stones set in three round frames, was just the perfect piece to honor their relationship!

Not surprisingly, Mary’s happiness knew no bounds when she was presented with the custom designed strikingly beautiful ring! This was a beautiful beginning of lifetime commitment!

Rose Quartz Ring – Christmas Gift for Her

Rose Quartz Ring – Christmas Gift for Her

Christmas Gift for her

Product Description:

Rose Quartz Ring

3.60ctw Rose Quartz with Diamonds .10tcw Rose Gold Ring

Price: $1,524

Jewelry is the first choice of all as Christmas gift for women. So, make her heart warm with this custom design diamond ring and make this Christmas more special to her.

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Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Adamas, the greek word for unbreakable, and the word which the most beautiful gem in the word has come.  Diamonds, those beautiful gems, famed the world over are this gem, and like the title, ‘Adamas’ the ancient greeks gave them, they are, not only unbreakable, but a symbol of the unbreakable union between two people. In this season of weddings, where the newly engaged flock from place to place, diamond wedding bands are appearing in almost every shop.  Gold, silver, large, small, the season of weddings is bringing them out, ready to grace the finger of a lucky lady or man who’s finding happiness with their significant other.

diamond wedding bands

Over the years, diamond wedding bands have been seen on the hands of almost all couples in this century, and with their long and tried history, it is unlikely that this will see a stop in the near future.  Diamond wedding bands have, after all, been worn from the middle ages, queens, ladies, and other members of high society were the first, but as time went forward, and civilization became more… well, civilized, the gap between the powerful and peasant becoming less… pronounced, they began showing up on the hands of those not born to nobility.

By the 18th century, diamond wedding bands were the norm, every wedding officiated by a beautiful diamond, and every couple seeking to find that perfect band.  Watson, the famed partner of Holmes gave one to his love, as did Bond to his own. The idea of the perfect ring, the perfect diamond, has been  ingrained in our culture.  As an effect, diamond wedding bands have, as the ancient greeks had termed them, become the symbol of unending love… and as Ian Fleming best put it… Diamonds, are forever.

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Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Customized jewelry has its own special touch. When you know that an item was created by you, for you, it gives the final product a much more personal feel. Many jewelry stores now offer the service of building your own ring. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Be sure of the design

Perhaps you want a copy made of your mother’s wedding ring. Or perhaps you want your engagement ring to match your favorite necklace. Whatever the reason is build your own ring, you must make sure you are fully satisfied with the design. You will be spending a lot of time and money and do not want the efforts to be wasted. Sketch it out, find models that look similar and be sure that the design is exactly what you want.

build your own ring

Choose your metals

Most fine rings are made from gold and the softness or quality of the gold can depend on the carat. 24 carat (24K) is pure gold and is quite soft. That is why it is usually alloyed with other metals to make it more usable and durable, creating mixtures of 18K, 14K and so forth. You have the option to choose white gold as well, a mixture made from gold and at least one white metal such as platinum. If you are looking for something less expensive, you can choose silver. A more expensive option than both gold and silver could be platinum.

Choose your stone

If you are looking for a diamond ring, there are different cuts, carat weight and clarity you can choose from. The one-carat princess cut diamond is large and most sought after. If you are looking for something unique, you can choose one or a combination of precious gems. Rubies and emeralds are of the many precious stones you can choose to have fitted when you build your own ring. You can pair them with a smaller sized diamond for a complete look.

Choose Your Setting

Most jewelry stores will show you samples of the different ways you can set your stones in your ring. Perhaps you are looking for a ring which raises the diamond, or perhaps you want something that encloses the diamond within the ring.

Finalize Once More

Once you have chosen everything, you must now finalize the design once more. This is an important investment and you want to make sure everything is just right! Some jewelry stores have computer programs, which will allow you to see a sample of what your chosen ring will look like.

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Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Human bonds are the most unique and precious part of life. Everyone seeks a companion to share their lives with; the joys, sorrows, ups and downs. Humans evolve in various stages and their search for their true soul mate is an ever present phenomenon. This desire to spend your life with someone holds utmost value for many people. It is a decision of a life time, a connection that is meant to last. Such a precious bond assumes immense importance for people and they want to consolidate their relationship and express their love for each other through small tokens of affections.

wedding bands custom designSuch small objects like the first rose, a love letter or even an engagement ring become an emblem of affection and regard. An engagement ring characterizes a new beginning of a relationship; an initiation of a sacred bond that cements a relationship in the eyes of the world. You can distinguish your relationship and design your own engagement ring or purchase one from the standard designs in a catalogue. It is an acknowledgment of and a tribute to the love two people share. Such a piece of jewelry links them and brings them closer.

The selection of a unique engagement ring personalizes the concept and allows people to add a touch of their lives and personalities to the ring. In Missouri City, this firm allows you to design your own engagement ring. You can select the style of the ring to represent your relationship. Moreover, all engagement rings are customized to fit the exact description provided by you. Whether you’re in Missouri City, Stafford, Sugar Land or anywhere in metro Houston, this is a nonpareil service that allows you to select the metal, the gemstone, the size and shape of the gemstones and even the overall pattern of your ring. You can customize it further by having the initials of your betrothed engraved inside the ring. The service is optimized to make your engagement ring memorable and outstanding. Do not conform to clichéd rings, design your own engagement ring.

Engagement Ring – A Symbol of Love

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. This is because love necessitates people to express themselves, in various forms or ways, through tender words, gentle gestures or small tokens. Oftentimes such small things hold immense importance because they make memories and define your individuality as a person and identity as a couple. Every kind gesture can bring people closer and can become and expression of what they mean to each other.

Engagement rings are also a token of affection; they elucidate the beginning of a new journey for two people and are a symbol of their love. Many other gifts and trinkets may be forgotten but an engagement ring has a universal, perpetual significance that lasts as long as the bond is mutual.

engagement ringLet your love bloom by selecting an engagement ring that pays homage to the bond you share with your partner. The selection of an engagement ring is a step towards the long line of decisions you will take as a couple. The degree of choice and the finesse of craftsmanship in engagement rings available are unparalleled. Engagement rings can be selected from a set of ready-made designs or they can be custom-made to fit the needs of the couple. The choice of the gemstone, the design, the size, type of metal used and other embellishments can also be decided upon. The wide array of engagement rings available gives you freedom to choose what best represents you. Many engagement rings are available as similar looking pairs so that both the partners have the same design.

All types and kinds of engagement rings are easily made, from the simplest to the most lavishly ornate designs. Furthermore, the prices are economical so that there is ease of selection. Give your relationship a surprising turn and sweep your partner of their feet with an engagement ring!