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Design Your Own! The Perfect Ring for a Perfect Moment

Design Your Own! The Perfect Ring for a Perfect Moment

In the language of love, there are very few things that compare to the moment that you present your partner with an engagement ring.  For this special moment, it’s important to choose the right ring for your partner.  One of the best ways to show that you care is to take your time and design a ring for your beloved.  Whether gold, silver, or platinum, the time that you spend, and the love that you put into its design will say “I love you” all the louder.  That’s why we here at Elegant Jewelers strive to bring that love to life, helping you create a ring that you would be proud to present to your partner.

design your own ringFor Saint Patrick’s Day, consider a silver ring inlaid with gold and topped with a brilliant green emerald.  Whether you choose the curved Triskele or the beauty of the Celtic knot, the final product will be completely unique, making the moment even more special. We create rings that range from simple wedding bands to decorative pieces of art set atop a ring.  Nobody knows your partner better than you do, so when you design a ring for them, be assured that it will match their personality.

We make designing your own ring easy here at Elegant Jewelers.  With any design in mind we will design and create the ring of your dreams.  Frank’s been twisting and bending metal for as long as he can remember.  The delicacy and care needed to make the perfect ring for you comes naturally to us. Whether you choose to set a beautiful sapphire, ruby, or a brilliant emerald in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day you can rest easy knowing that the ring will never leave the store.  Let us make your special moments even more special by helping you design the ring of your dreams.

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Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Tips on How to Build Your Own Ring

Customized jewelry has its own special touch. When you know that an item was created by you, for you, it gives the final product a much more personal feel. Many jewelry stores now offer the service of building your own ring. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Be sure of the design

Perhaps you want a copy made of your mother’s wedding ring. Or perhaps you want your engagement ring to match your favorite necklace. Whatever the reason is build your own ring, you must make sure you are fully satisfied with the design. You will be spending a lot of time and money and do not want the efforts to be wasted. Sketch it out, find models that look similar and be sure that the design is exactly what you want.

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Choose your metals

Most fine rings are made from gold and the softness or quality of the gold can depend on the carat. 24 carat (24K) is pure gold and is quite soft. That is why it is usually alloyed with other metals to make it more usable and durable, creating mixtures of 18K, 14K and so forth. You have the option to choose white gold as well, a mixture made from gold and at least one white metal such as platinum. If you are looking for something less expensive, you can choose silver. A more expensive option than both gold and silver could be platinum.

Choose your stone

If you are looking for a diamond ring, there are different cuts, carat weight and clarity you can choose from. The one-carat princess cut diamond is large and most sought after. If you are looking for something unique, you can choose one or a combination of precious gems. Rubies and emeralds are of the many precious stones you can choose to have fitted when you build your own ring. You can pair them with a smaller sized diamond for a complete look.

Choose Your Setting

Most jewelry stores will show you samples of the different ways you can set your stones in your ring. Perhaps you are looking for a ring which raises the diamond, or perhaps you want something that encloses the diamond within the ring.

Finalize Once More

Once you have chosen everything, you must now finalize the design once more. This is an important investment and you want to make sure everything is just right! Some jewelry stores have computer programs, which will allow you to see a sample of what your chosen ring will look like.

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