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Citizen Signature Wedding Couple Watches | Elegant Jewelers

Citizen Signature Wedding Watches

Purchase the Signature Citizen Wedding Watches at Elegant JewlersCitizen Signature wedding watches – the perfect gift for couples. Citizen Signature collection wedding watches includes Men’s Citizen Signature Grand Classic Automatic Watch & Ladies’ Citizen Eco-Drive™ Signature Marné Diamond Accent Watch.

It takes highly accomplished watchmakers to build legendary timepieces, and this men’s Citizen Eco-Drive™ Signature Grand Classic watch & Ladies’ Citizen Eco-Drive™ Signature Marné Diamond Accent Watch just might be the one pair of them. This watches comes with a five-year limited manufacturer warranty. We are an authorized Citizen dealer.

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Form, Function, and Sustainability: the Watch of the Future

Form, Function, and Sustainability: the Watch of the Future

Citizen Watches, formed in 1924, is one of the largest and most dependable manufacturers of watches in the world.  On that same note, Citizen Watches is one of the foremost repairers of watches.  With a history of innovation, dating back to 1976 when Citizen released its first Solar Powered watch, a history of excellence has followed.  With that in mind, you can rest assured that no matter the watch, Citizen will take the utmost care to restore it to peak performance.  On that note, as part of the Citizen guarantee, all watches come with a 5 year warranty, guaranteeing that Citizen Watches will repair any problem that comes up, great or small.

citizen watch repair

No matter what the problem, even the most complicated of Citizen’s EcoDrive watches can be fixed. The Citizen Watch repair team will be the first to admit that.  With years of expertise, their team, trained in Switzerland, will give your watch all the care that it needs to keep running for as long as you keep the watch.  On that note, Citizen Watch repair will have your watch fixed and ready for you in almost no time flat.  Parts are kept on hand, and usually the watch can be repaired the same day that it arrives.

You may be asking, why not just take the watch in to my local jewelry store, I’m sure that they’re skilled enough to repair the watch.  A good point, however, in the case of the Citizen Eco Drive, there are parts that no normal jeweler carries.  Take, for example, it’s power supply.  Miniature solar panels, hidden beneath the watch’s face, that are able to charge the watch, whether under artificial, or natural lighting, saving power, and giving you the assurance that your watch will last well beyond others have failed.  In the interest of that Citizen Watch repairs, are best left to those who know the watches best, Citizen Watches.

With a history of precision, and the creativity to innovate, whether purchasing one of Citizen’s Eco Drive watches, or sending it in for repairs done by it’s dedicated staff, you can be assured of the quality in each and every watch.

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Sizzling Characteristics of Citizen Watches for Women

Sizzling Characteristics of Citizen Watches for Women

‘Time is money’ is more than a cliché;it is the modern man’s credo of survival. So anything that enhances the value of time has a centre-place in any professional or organized person’s life; ergo the need for a good watch.

One of the key features that set citizen watches for women apart is the revolutionary eco-drive system. Perfectly attuned to the customers’ often more than  hectic schedules, the eco-drive system saves people’s time by extracting energy from natural sources and charges itself.  Citizen watches for women are suitable for varied occasions, ranging from wearing them in the workplace, on social occasions or at the many beach resorts in Katy, Texas. This eco-drive mechanism is especially durable and beach friendly along with a water-resistant quality.

citizen watches for womenA Citizen Watches special version called the stiletto is the thinnest watch available that is light powered. This special feature enhances the elegance, making it a very suitable jewellery item to be worn at parties or other social activities. Citizen watches for women also incorporate Helzberg diamonds to be worn by aspiring socialites in Katy. Most of the sophisticated citizen watches come in gold as well, which gives a dual function of being a fashion statement along with hinting the essence of productivity.

Citizen watches for women make an excellent token of acknowledgement or appreciation for employee service at any workplace. They can also be made into souvenirs by engraving the names of the intended individuals. It is especially useful for people who do a lot of travel, as citizen watches have an alternative world-time mode at a mid-price level. The chronograph function is also available in citizen watches, so it is invaluable for cooking or other activities where the function of stopwatch is needed. So ladies, it is safe to say that citizen watches are an all-rounder in the world of exotic watches.