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Custom Design 3 Stone Diamond Pendant

3 Stone Diamond Pendent

Shirin and Tom had been happily married for ten years. Tom was secretly planning a grand wedding anniversary celebration for his beloved wife and was wondering as to which gift would bring a big smile on his beautiful wife’s face. The idea that reflected in his mind simply brought a huge sense of relief to him. He immediately went to consult with Elegant Jewelers.

Patty suggested a few jewelry gifts that most women simply adore! Tom wanted a custom design jewelry piece for Shirin. He had gifted her rings, bracelets, and earrings on their previous anniversaries. This time it had to be different. Of course, they were celebrating a decade of love and affection.

His choice was a stunning 3 stone diamond pendant. He gave a few design ideas, and Patty improvised upon them and came up with a custom design jewelry piece. The final product was a sparkling radiant pendant, with three round diamond stones of graduating sizes lining up in a platinum frame and symbolizing “past, present, future” of their relationship. The big smile that the sparkling diamond pendant brought on Shirin’s face made Tom’s day, leaving both with lifetime memories of their beautiful relationship!

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