Bulova Men’s Watches-A Short History of Time

Bulova Men’s Watches-A Short History of Time

Everyone wears a watch but very few people know how modern watches came into being. Before the mid-20th century, watches were not as accurate as they are today. The reason for this was that watch makers has not yet perfected the mechanical tuning fork, leaving people to have to manually tune their watches at the end of every day.

Abraham-Louis Breghet who filed the patent for his invention in 1866 initially invented tuning fork watches. His invention was ignored because it was too ahead of its time. The low frequency of the balance wheels used at the time could not support Abrahams invention, leaving it ignored and unused until the mid-20th century.

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It was not put to use until ArdeBulova decided to manufacture accurate watches for the army that could work on a battery with a higher-frequency, balancing-wheel based on Breguets initial design. Battery operated watches were introduced by Elgin and Lip in the early fifties; however, they just solved the problem of winding and not accuracy. Bulova was the first company that realized the brilliance behind Breguets invention and decided to build on it to invent the first accurate watch for men.

However, the story does not end here because watches still relied on a balance-wheel to run, which was an archaic system. Omar Bradley, the president of Bulova at the time, decided to break further barriers in innovation and the first ever-electronic watch was born. This is the basis for all Bulova men’s watches along with every other brand out there.

Now, watch making is a multi-billion-dollar industry all over the U.S. including New York, Houston, and Jacinto City amongst many others. You can even have your antique watches certified at various reputable locations in Jacinto City to check whether you have a watch that relies on a balance-wheel, increasing its value and giving you the knowledge that you carry a piece of history with you.