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3 Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

James and Mary had been dating for over seven years when he popped the question. Of course she was the love of his life and he wanted to gift her best wedding ring exuding the same qualities as Mary. So he decided that a custom designed ring would truly capture her beauty and radiance. The first name that popped in his mind was Patty at Elegant Jewelers, well known for their custom jewelry designs.

Patty’s innovative ideas and artistic creativity resulted in a graceful yet glamorous 3-diamond ring design that left James impressed at first sight! The first look at the elegantly designed wedding ring, crafted in platinum, gave James the feeling that this was a classic piece. He could hardly wait for the wedding day to present the love of his life with this glittering gift of love, which truly resembled Mary’s elegance, beauty, and commitment.

While platinum symbolized strength and durability, the three diamonds bonded together into a beautiful design that reflected an eternal bond. The stunning diamond ring, with three stones set in three round frames, was just the perfect piece to honor their relationship!

Not surprisingly, Mary’s happiness knew no bounds when she was presented with the custom designed strikingly beautiful ring! This was a beautiful beginning of lifetime commitment!