Jewelry & Watch Repair

All custom-design, jewelry and watch repairs are done on premises in our state-of-the-art facility. From replacing loose stones or precious gem stones, repairs to broken gold and watches or a simple battery replacement, you can trust Elegant Jewelers with all of your jewelry service needs. Same day service available.

Free Inspection & Cleaning

To ensure your jewelry remains in its original state, we offer complimentary routine cleaning and inspection. Whether you purchased your ring from us or not, you are more than welcome to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned. This service is always free. If you need your ring polished, many times we can do this while you wait. We recommend every one to have your jewelry (especially rings and bracelets) inspected every 6 months to catch any thin prongs or clasps so a loss can be prevented.

Jewelry Appraisal

Imagine you lost your engagement ring and were put in the position to decide whether or not to purchase the same ring again. Would you? Paying for the item the second time is painful. Avoid having to make this difficult decision entirely by having your jewelry appraised and insured.

  • A full description of the item
  • Digital image of the piece
  • Weights & measurements of all stones contained in the piece
  • Researched value of the item
  • A printed copy of your appraisal.

We buy gold

Gather up all your old precious metals which are laying around the house including gold, platinum and silver.

Gold Jewelry and Gold Coins are the most popular items that our customers send us. Condition is not important. We buy gold jewelry even if it is broken or damaged.

How about that old sterling silver flatware set that is just gathering dust in your drawer. It could be worth hundreds of dollars. Gold rings, watches, wedding bands, charm bracelets, class rings, gold chains, dental gold, gold coins, gold ingots & bars, silver coins, sterling silver tea sets & flatware, gold necklaces, gold pins & pendants, the list goes on and on. But all the more reason to bring them in and get paid for stuff you don’t need!

Eyeglass repair

You may not need to replace that favorite pair of expensive sunglasses or prescription eyewear. Don’t throw them out just because of cracked plastic, broken hinges, worn pads, fractured temple arm or other damage. We can take your damaged or worn eyeglass frames and, combining old-fashioned expertise with new technologies, return to you in a usable, wearable state — and at a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.